Privacy policy

The web site of IVI Group is an addition to the services provided by IVI GROUP. This section contains our privacy and information protection rules for professional services firms which are a part of our global organization, as well as for their affiliated and associated companies.

Here you will find description of procedures aimed at ensuring that all visitors’ information is treated in a confidential manner. We adhere to strict rules of working with information which are developed for protecting confidential data. We believe that the free flow of information is effective provided that the data are collected and used in a responsible manner.

Please contact us if you have questions or if you believe that this section does not contain all the information you are interested in.

Collection, Usage, Disclosure, and Selection of Information

You are not required to register in order to use our web site. If you are simply a visitor of our site IVI GROUP does not collect any personal information about you except the data using cookies (see below). Yet in some cases you might need to register at our web site, for instance, in order to receive regular newsletters from IVI GROUP.

In such cases IVI GROUP can contact registered users in order to invite them to events or provide information on our services or send some publications or marketing materials etc.

We use standard coding technology to protect the information obtained during the registration as the data are sent over the Internet.

Confidential Personal Data

IVI GROUP does not purposefully collect any confidential personal data via its web site except as required by law (e.g., when recruiting). The confidential personal data include the information on race, ethnicity, political position, religious and other beliefs, union membership, physical or mental health, criminal record, and in some cases – social security numbers or financial status. IVI GROUP makes all possible efforts to maintain confidentiality and protect the said users’ data as part of its business process. The access to such information is restricted. We also implement regulations and procedures to ensure that the information is protected from loss, misuse or wrongful disclosure.

Disclosure of Information

IVI GROUP adheres to the Personal Data Confidentiality Protection Principles (Safe Harbor Principles) approved by the US Department of Commerce and discloses personal information only to such third parties with which the company has a written agreement on ensuring the proper level of confidential data protection. Thus, we can disclose your personal data to somebody only in the following cases:

  • If the disclosure is required in order to execute your request which involves participation of an external company that collaborates with IVI GROUP (please see “Links to external companies’ websites” below) or
  • If executing your request involves participation of more than one company that is a part of IVI GROUP or
  • If you (a visitor of our web site) have requested this expressly or
  • Under the court order or some other statutory or legal requirement or
  • If the disclosure is caused by sale or disposal in another way of our business or its part.

Note: IVI GROUP does not collect or keep the personal data or information received via its website for marketing purposes or for using in bulk e-mailing on behalf of third parties.

Changing and Storing the Data

IVI GROUP stores the data received from website visitors in order to provide relevant services only. Upon the completion of services all data are destroyed under the Data Storage Rules of IVI GROUP. If you need to change your data or remove them from our database please contact us via e-mail with relevant request.

Links to External Companies’ Websites

Users should take into account that the website of IVI GROUP may contain links to other websites which are not governed by this Privacy Policy. On external companies' websites users of our website can receive additional information on IVI GROUP research, events, projects sponsored by our company, state organizations, non-profit organizations and social media. IVI GROUP provides no representations or warranties regarding safety of storing or using users' information on servers of external companies. We recommend that users read the "Privacy Policy" section of

Social Media

IVI GROUP provides the possibility to receive information from blogs, forums, wiki-sites and other network resources (hereinafter "the Social Media") on which our company is presented. The main purpose of the social media is to share information with other users. However, IVI GROUP bears no responsibility for the consequences of you placing your personal data on social media in case of its usage by other people including with malicious intent.

The website of IVI GROUP may contain links to social media of other individuals or legal entities located on external servers which are not controlled by our company. IVI GROUP provides no representations or warranties regarding accuracy or any other aspects of the information stored on such resources. Links to external companies' websites shall not be regarded as support by IVI GROUP of said individuals or companies and/or their products and services, nor as support by third parties of IVI GROUP or its products or services. IVI GROUP provides no representations or warranties as well regarding safety of storing or using users' information on servers of external companies. We recommend that users read the "Privacy Policy" section of external companies' websites before placing their personal data.

Broadcast Newsroom

Broadcast Newsroom on our website is supported on behalf of IVI GROUP by a third party – Television Consultancy Limited, located at: 25 St James's Street, London, SW1A 1HG (TVC). You must be registered at the TVC website in order to see this section. The personal data you enter during the registration at the TVC website are protected by the Privacy Policy and Rules of this company.

In order to obtain comprehensive understanding of your interests and downloaded content TVC has agreed to provide reports based on your registration and download data.

Exceptional Enterprise Tool

The Exceptional Enterprise Tool of IVI GROUP is created with the assistance of 1&1 Internet Inc. located at: 701 Lee Road, Suite 300, Chesterbrook, PA 19087 USA. In order to register in the system you need to provide an e-mail address. The provided information including the e-mail address is entered in the individual report on each registered company. IVI GROUP uses the collected data for preparing analytical data.

Besides, IVI GROUP uses the provided data when discussing various issues of business activity. The companies’ names are not disclosed under any circumstances.

Information on Children-Website Users

This Privacy Policy does not cover the information on children - website users. We fully understand the importance of protecting children's data, especially on the Internet, and never collect or store any information regarding children who are users of our website.

Amending the Privacy Policy

IVI GROUP may amend this Privacy Policy as required. In case such amendments are introduced please bear in mind that implementing the new procedure of ensuring confidentiality may take up to 30 working days. If you wish to keep track of such amendments please visit this page regularly.

Cancel Your Subscription

IVI GROUP leaves the choice to you as regards collecting and using your personal data. If you have registered to receive information newsletters from IVI GROUP via our web site but wish to stop receiving them please click Cancel Your Subscription on the application form you sent.