About company

IVI GROUP specializes in providing individual support of financial activity to international companies and to companies located in special tax jurisdictions.

Our team includes only experienced and qualified professionals who provide careful and reliable solutions for our clients’ tasks. Among the undeniable advantages of IVI GROUP are the following:

  • Individual and detailed approach to each project execution;
  • Paying maximum attention to our clients and their requirements;
  • Possibility of working on a project part-time;
  • Highly qualified and professional experts;
  • Transparent and highly-detailed operations within the framework of the country’s tax legislation;
  • Possibility of long-term collaboration;
  • Possibility of interacting through agents;
  • The fastest work in the United Kingdom.

Our Services

IVI GROUP provides the following services:

  • Registration of international companies and companies located in special tax jurisdictions;
  • Support of international companies and companies with special tax status;
  • Accounting services: Accounting maintenance, reporting, taxes;
  • Auditing, solving unexpected issues using unconventional approaches;
  • Optimization of taxes, assets, and business processes, as well as asset redistribution in order to maintain the favorable financial standing;
  • Detailed analysis and investigation of counter-parties worldwide;
  • officially register purchase of real estate abroad;
  • Assistance in obtaining permanent residency (Europe);
  • Assistance in seeking trusted and reliable staff worldwide in order to solve financial issues of any degree of complexity.

Who Our Clients Are

Our clients are owners of private large and mid-size businesses who successfully diversify their investments and prefer delegating authority. Our clients need a reliable partner to form the company’s status in order to confirm their public image and collaborate with professionals only — and such is the level of services provided by IVI GROUP.

Our experienced staff possess all the required tools for providing complete and high-quality financial support to international companies in any field, as well as for detailed involvement in each individual project.

IVI GROUP was established in 1999. The business is owned by a strong market leader who has 15 years of experience and is widely known among its partners. We provide assistance only by experienced and highly-qualified experts who are able to solve the most complex and unconventional tasks. Our experience of collaborating with large companies and our worldwide connections give us the possibility to guarantee good results of our work.