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Bookkeeping and preparing appropriate regular statements of a company in the country of its registration

Selecting a company with mandatory preparation of financial statements is often conditioned by the fact that businesspersons want to make their foreign structure more transparent. Especially if a company is registered in such country where the financial statements are available on-line and can be viewed by potential business partners. In some countries, bookkeeping is a mandatory procedure. In others, it is not necessary if a company is not engaged in business activities in the territory of such country.

Solving Specific Tasks

Solving Specific Tasks

Even if you do not have a large company but you are working in a stock market or render some services, it will be equally convenient for you to conduct business activity through a foreign company. This is especially necessary in case of working in stock markets as many world trading facilities interact only with institutional structures, preferably of European origin.

If you are a broker or a non-professional player in the Russian financial market and you want to increase your profit by expanding to European, Asian or US markets you will have to obtain a foreign company. We will select the best solution for you, assist you and teach you to work in the international tax planning field optimizing the cost of your developing business. Accounting services provided by our company also include mandatory annual audit and audit requested by banks, counter-parties, and partners.

Well-Timed Document Flow

Well-Timed Document Flow

Today each company must employ a company's secretary in the country of its registration. A secretary is responsible for keeping all documents (including accounting) of the company, as well as of directors' and shareholders' meetings. IVI Group can carry out all this hidden but mandatory activity for any foreign company in a professional and quality manner.

We can point out that legislations of countries which are attractive destinations for registering foreign companies are quite different. Failure to comply with the legislative requirements, as well as late payments of annual fees, will result in penalty charging and suspending company's activities, not to mention criminal and civil liability of directors or beneficiaries in different jurisdictions or excluding a company from the register. You can easily avoid all these problems by collaborating with IVI Group.

Transparent Reporting

Transparent Reporting

IVI Group will prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for any of your companies in a quality manner and within the specified time limits. Preparing accounting reports for foreign companies is possible not only for jurisdictions where this is stipulated by the legislation and is mandatory but also on a voluntary basis in order to solve specific tasks of a client.

E.g., when banks require financial statements for some transactions or upon the request from the Compliance Department. IVI Group can also prepare accounting statements for any foreign companies under a client's personal request before executing transactions with large companies. This service can be rendered both within an established collaboration and on a one-time basis.


The European Union

The United Kingdom(as mentioned separately from the European Union)



China and Hong Kong as a special administrative region


the UAE

the EACU(Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan)

The criteria
for cooperation


A meeting is held only with an owner or manager of a business.


Before the meeting a complete description of a company's business activity should be provided including all the details.


All the documents should be provided at the meeting.


Complete mutual trust.


To know the value of your own and our time.


Complete confidentiality from both parties.

In order to comply with complete privacy,
individual appointment venues in a few hours