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Non-standard tasks

Searching for specialists to solve non-standard tasks in preparing official tax opinions, and not only that

A foreign company can also be used in cases when you want to save your money for your children and grandchildren or for transferring to persons who are not covered by the inheritance laws. Foreign funds can help you with that as they can be registered for a specific period or before occurrence of a specific event. IVI Group closely collaborates with different highly qualified experts who have substantial experience in this field. If necessary, we can prepare official legal or tax opinions, as well as opinions or conclusions of certified accountants/auditors on business-related issues of a foreign company.

Arranging Your Business

Arranging Your Business

Before offering you a certain jurisdiction for registering a company and opening a bank account for it we will thoroughly study your business in order to understand which functions you wish to implement and which tasks to solve using this company.

We are sure that there is a legitimate and intelligent way out of any situation. We know that we can offer a legally correct solution for any situation, however complex it may seem to you.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Having a foreign company plays an important role in obtaining citizenship of another country. Most often this means obtaining citizenship in EU through investing in economy and real estate. A foreign company can also be widely used when renting out property.

Using a foreign company helps to substantially reduce tax and other costs, as well as to protect your assets.



The necessity of arranging the so-called substance occurs more and more often; this means that a foreign company must have a physical office and staff in the territory of a country where it is registered. Before this service was substituted by a virtual office when an additional phone line with call forwarding was installed in the registration agent's office, and the agent provided its address for correspondence (in paper form). Nowadays in many cases this is not enough.

Our company is receptive to all the changes of foreign economic and foreign policy environment; we are ready to arrange for you both a virtual office and an actual physical office with staff in the territory of a country where the company is registered, according to your business needs. We will assist you in arranging and adapting your business in a country where your company is registered.


The European Union

The United Kingdom(as mentioned separately from the European Union)



China and Hong Kong as a special administrative region


the UAE

the EACU(Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan)

The criteria
for cooperation


A meeting is held only with an owner or manager of a business.


Before the meeting a complete description of a company's business activity should be provided including all the details.


All the documents should be provided at the meeting.


Complete mutual trust.


To know the value of your own and our time.


Complete confidentiality from both parties.

In order to comply with complete privacy,
individual appointment venues in a few hours