The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows

Aristotle Onassis

Checking contractors

Providing a complete summary on counter-parties before you start collaborating with them

Frauds using foreign companies are becoming increasingly commonplace. An unsuspecting client effects a payment for some goods to a third party (company) provided by a counter-party as an intermediate agent, yet delivery fails to take place. IVI Group can check the reliability of data on foreign business partners within the legislative base of a country where they are registered. As a rule, foreign registers of legal entities are a reliable source of information. The obtained information contains key data of a foreign business partner without which it is better not to start collaborating with new partners.



Collaborating with us you can be sure of your partners' solvency, as well as of the fact that your deal will fall through.

We can provide to you both public information and enquiries to different state registers of countries where a counter-party company is registered, including information from open sources both about the company itself and of its management.



We work only with proven registration agents, accountants, auditors, banks, and financial organizations and we prefer obtaining services from end supplier and not from a intermediary.

IVI Group has impeccable reputation and substantial share of the market of providing services on international planning, registering and servicing foreign companies.

Reducing Risks

Reducing Risks

By checking other foreign companies (their history and financial soundness) IVI Group minimizes potential risks in case you are planning to sign a contract with a new counter-party unknown to you.


The European Union

The United Kingdom(as mentioned separately from the European Union)



China and Hong Kong as a special administrative region


the UAE

the EACU(Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan)

The criteria
for cooperation


A meeting is held only with an owner or manager of a business.


Before the meeting a complete description of a company's business activity should be provided including all the details.


All the documents should be provided at the meeting.


Complete mutual trust.


To know the value of your own and our time.


Complete confidentiality from both parties.

In order to comply with complete privacy,
individual appointment venues in a few hours