“Divide and Rule”

Niccolò Machiavelli

Registration of companies

Registration of international companies and companies located in special tax jurisdictions, on an individual basis

Nowadays many businesspersons use foreign companies in order to optimize their businesses. Most often, this practice aims at effective international tax planning. Besides, a resident company provides to its owner a possibility of convenient settlement payments and good relationship with foreign partners. The advantages of using a foreign company can, first of all, be evaluated by operational efficiency of banking transactions.

We provide the complete set of original documents legalized in a country where an international company is registered.

By applying to us you can always receive services of registering a company under your own name and also sets of prepared documents for already registered companies. Together with the original documents, such sets include bound documents issued with an Apostille, bound registration documents which are required for opening a bank account. Purchasing a ready-made company saves your time as official registration takes up to one day.

Effective Business Management Tool

Effective Business Management Tool

In view of the current non-stable banking environment in our country it is vitally important to have a foreign bank account. It is also desirable that an account be opened in a prestigious foreign bank.

We will create for you the system which will actually work. We will help to protect your business. You will be able to instantly evaluate the effectiveness of solutions we offer.

Asset Structuring

Asset Structuring

A foreign company registered by us will provide you with the possibility to carry out investment planning. If you possess such assets as monetary funds, real estate property or intellectual property, IVI GROUP will assist you in protecting them in the rapidly changing international market environment.

IVI GROUP assumes that each case is unique and thus requires a detailed individual approach. We are not a company that executes tasks in a standard or a stereotype-based manner. We provide a personal commercial offer for solving each client's tasks.

Time Optimization

Time Optimization

Each business is unique as is each person. A business, first of all, reflects the personality of its owner. It must comply with its beneficiary's requirements and solve required tasks.

Our experts constantly study and are aware of all the latest changes in the international legislation. You do not need to spend your time and efforts on enormous task of selecting the best option. If you set up an appointment with us and spend an hour of your time, you will receive a practically complete solution which is ideal for your project.


The European Union

The United Kingdom(as mentioned separately from the European Union)



China and Hong Kong as a special administrative region


the UAE

the EACU(Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan)

The criteria
for cooperation


A meeting is held only with an owner or manager of a business.


Before the meeting a complete description of a company's business activity should be provided including all the details.


All the documents should be provided at the meeting.


Complete mutual trust.


To know the value of your own and our time.


Complete confidentiality from both parties.

In order to comply with complete privacy,
individual appointment venues in a few hours