If you see the price, it automatically has some influence on you

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Conducting audits in compliance with the legislation of a country where your company is registered

Prices for auditing services fail to thrill you with their availability, that is why a great many clients try to decrease these costs by different ways obtaining this service from shady agents. IVI Group can guarantee you the highest quality! In foreign jurisdictions, we work only with highly qualified accountants and auditors who have substantial experience. We also try to keep our prices at an acceptable level not frightening our clients by exorbitant price of an auditor's activity.

Reducing Financial Losses

Reducing Financial Losses

A lot of companies like to make profits out of an audit by charging exorbitant amounts for auditor's services. This can be explained by high payment rate required by licensed accountants and auditors.

In this issue we focus not on auditor's needs but on the needs of our clients and on our company's policy: “High quality at an affordable price within shortest time limits”.

Stability of Economic Relations

Stability of Economic Relations

We work both with your accountants and lawyers and are ready to provide our experts.

We control our auditors and monitor the balance: Acceptable price - highest quality. We value long-term collaboration with our clients. By long-term we mean not for a year or two but for decades.

Reliability of Reporting

Reliability of Reporting

Preparing and filing corporate financial statements of a foreign company, both on a voluntary and on mandatory basis, is carried out in strict compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards.

For that we involve licensed foreign experts in accounting and audit in a country where a company is registered. Experts of IVI Group will carry out complete analysis and expert legal and accounting review of all your documents.


The European Union

The United Kingdom(as mentioned separately from the European Union)



China and Hong Kong as a special administrative region


the UAE

the EACU(Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan)

The criteria
for cooperation


A meeting is held only with an owner or manager of a business.


Before the meeting a complete description of a company's business activity should be provided including all the details.


All the documents should be provided at the meeting.


Complete mutual trust.


To know the value of your own and our time.


Complete confidentiality from both parties.

In order to comply with complete privacy,
individual appointment venues in a few hours